Sunday, June 17, 2007

kissing without clothes

- ei, what about kissing with your clothes off? but still in your undies and undergarments? -

- wha--? oh so both of you would be either at the guy's house or your house, stripped but still with undies on, kissing, and then lose control and have sex? -

- so you wanna kena makan toufu kao kao izit? you know when 2 people kiss, they start to touch everywhere, i mean the hands touching everywhere? -

- well, just to the extent of kissing only, i have my principles, won't have sex -

- gwad, your brain won't be functioning that time, and *vrrrroooom* by the time you realised and noticed what had happened, you're already in bed with him. *wahliao* -

- with the adrenaline pumping and the hormones raging, the kissing would end with having sex -

- just kissing with your clothes on would be ok -

the bold letters indicate my reply and opinions.
*sibeh chia lat* what you guys think? would you do that with your bf? *heh*


ade said...

HAHAHAHAH!!! u use sibeh also!!! gosh.evione is using sibeh!! gosh,if one day i use sibeh. die man!! i hear at coll in blogs. but is not a bad word. so i guess using is ok right? haha

i will kiss with my undies ON! duh! why would i want to reveal my horrible flabby fats to my bf again?!??! *sulks*

loveangel said...

well, sibeh is not a bad word, haha, it means like 'very'. so, you wud dare to take off your clothes but still with ur undies on, and kiss?? heheeheheh XD

Sara said...

sibeh? i'm lost..

Tay Y Z said...

Personally, the fact that you're kissing and have no clothes on.... means you're taking "kissing" too far. Trust me when I say, if you reach that point and you realise it... STOP IMMEDIATELY AND RECONSIDER YOU STAND !

If you guys are in a relationship but NOT MARRIED, HOLD YOUR HORSES !

If your partner who's insisting on having no clothes on, better be very careful on who you're dealing with !

loveangel said...

Tay! okay, firstly, i cannot believe you went through this, my post. @.@ HAHA! but anyway, this was a question posed by my dear friend. and i was obviously trying very hard to convince her to put her clothes on. =.="